Via: // From The 20-month construction clock began ticking for the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington late last month. Those running the nonprofit in charge of raising money and building the newest addition to the National Mall plan to open the four-acre site in late summer or early fall next […]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared his vision long ago for a just society. Since his time African Americans and their nation have come a long way – but is it far enough?

Via: // WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will spend much of Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrating the civil rights leader’s life and legacy. Following a Monday morning meeting with senior advisers, the president and first lady Michelle Obama will participate in a public-service event. Later at the White House, Obama will host a […]

Via: // In celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday, we remember the women who walked beside him to make our world a better place.

Via: // PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Drumbeats called the faithful to a Sunday Mass behind mounds of rubble and amid the few remaining walls of Port-au-Prince’s destroyed Roman Catholic cathedral to listen to a sermon in a scene resembling the Apocalypse. “Why give thanks to God? Because we are here,” said the Rev. Eric Toussaint. […]

Via: // Washington Watch’s Roland Martin spoke to a panel about what dialogues about race have been looking like since the election of Barack Obama. While one white activist firmly stated, “We are NOT in post-racial America,” he agreed with Roland that continued conversations on this topic are necessary and healthy. WATCH it here: […]

Via: // PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – With food, water and other aid flowing intoHaiti in earnest, relief groups and officials are focused on moving the supplies out of the clogged airport and to hungry, haggard earthquake survivors in the capital. Haiti’s government alone has already recovered 20,000 bodies — not counting those recovered by independent […]

Via: // NEW YORK — Johnson & Johnson issued a massive recall Friday of over-the-counter drugs including Tylenol, Motrin and St. Joseph’s aspirin because of a moldy smell that has made people sick. It was the second such recall in less than a month because of the smell, which regulators said was first reported […]

Via: // Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday. Today a horrific tragedy is going on in Haiti. While some men of the cloth are using the incident to spread their twisted world views, Martin surely would’ve used the occasion to spread wisdom and good will and encourage his fellow man to help out our […]

// (CNN) — On Thursday, Jimmy Jean-Louis finally received the phone call he had longed for: He spoke with his mother in Haiti. “I got a phone call from my sister who said she was able to reach home,” the Haitian native and “Heroes” cast member said. ” So I picked up the phone and […]

Via: If, by now, you haven’t heard about Pat Robertson’s remarks about the Haitian earthquake being God’s retaliation and judgment upon the country for their pact with Satan, made in order to free themselves from the control of the French government in the late 1700s, perhaps you’ve been living under a rock. (You did […]

Via: Richmond-area police were asked to be on the lookout this morning for a 2-year-old boy who was kidnapped last night in Roanoke. Authorities issued an Amber Alert early today, and shortly before daybreak, Richmond-area police departments were told that a vehicle believed to have been used in the kidnapping may have been spotted […]