The Reverend <strong>Al Sharpton</strong> is teaming with hip-hop activist Erica Ford to lead an emergency day of protest against violence across the country. The event will kick of in Atlanta on November 23.

People of God, adversity comes in many shapes forms and fashions. These perplexing, confusing, and mystifying predicaments show up at the most inconvenient and awkward times in our lives, and the frustrating thing is that adversity does not need an invitation to enter your home.

Pastors affiliated with the United Methodist Church could find themselves in the unemployment line.

Several weeks ago a friend called me to complain about how tired she was of being mistreated by others. After telling me her story, I realized instantly what the problem was.

Set your DVR! Gospel All-Star lineup is set for a grand celebration.... Performers to include <strong>Fantasia, Anthony Hamilton, BeBe & CeCe, Tamia</strong> and More.<!--more-->

<strong>“Sunday Best”</strong> crew heads to the mother land in search of new talent for 2010 competition.

There is one area where single Christians are stuck wrestling with an issue that is specifically related to their singleness: it’s not community or ministry; it’s sex.


The Supreme Court on Monday declined to revive a lawsuit on behalf of Native American activists who claimed that the <strong>Washington Washington Football Team's</strong> team name is so offensive that it does not deserve trademark protection.

We are sad to report that police found the Body of the 5 Year Old missing Fayetteville Girl.

Online religious services offer convenience to those who are too isolated or infirm to attend a real-world church. But can worshipping via a computer offer true spiritual fulfillment?

Even church folk need a good laugh. Why not start here?

Who decides if you are going to going to be a success or failure? Believe it or not the answer is “you”. No one determines whether you are going to make it but “you”