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#NYFWNoir: Transform Your Hair From The Office To The Runway  was originally published on

1. The Bun – Step 1

The Bun – Step 1

In the morning before you head to work, put your hair in a neat and secure ponytail, take the ponytail and begin to wrap it around your fingers like you are creating one big pincurl.

2. The Bun – Step 2

The Bun – Step 2

Once your roll the hair all the way to the base of the ponytail as tight as it can be, secure the pin curl with som hair pins.

3. Step 3 – The Bun

Step 3 – The Bun

Once your pin curled bun is secured grab your favorite edge control to slick down those fly always and hairspray to spray and set the pin curl.

4. Step 4 – The Bun

Step 4 – The Bun

Now your work day is finished and it is time to transform that bun. Take the bobby pins out and gently remove the hair tie.

5. Step 6 – The Bun

Step 6 – The Bun

Lastly, gently run your fingers through your hair like a wide tooth comb to loosen up the curls and spray a little hairspray to pull the look together.

6. The Headband – Step 1

The Headband – Step 1

Before heading to work be sure to use your favorite edge control. I love using Dr. Miracles “Edge Control Gel” because it isn’t to heavy or greasy but it definitely keeps your edges in place throughout the day. Once you have laid your edges to your liking put your headband on and you’re out the door.

7. The Headband – Step 3

The Headband – Step 3

Separate the ponytail in the back into 2 sections (clipping one section to the side while you style the other). Lightly twist that section, wrap it around the base of the ponytail in the front and secure with a hair pin(repeat on the other section of the back ponytail).

8. The Headband – Step 4

The Headband – Step 4

The hair in the front should go to the side (decide which side you like best because that is the direction you’re going to twist the hair towards). Starting from the back of the ponytail (where the hair twisted up from the back is located), loosely twist hair under and around as if you were putting your hair in a bun. Keep loosely twisting the hair around and tucking it under until you are back at your starting poin

9. The Headband – Step 5

The Headband – Step 5

Secure the end of the twisted ponytail under the other twisted hair from the back with a couple hairpins.

10. The Headband – Step 6

The Headband – Step 6

Now you have a chic and sexy updo that was low maintence but will go well with your high fashion! Viola!

11. Twistout – Step 1

Twistout – Step 1

Section off your hair into 3 parts. First do an ear to ear part (put a clip on hair in the back). Then with the front section divide it in two by making a part down the middle. You are going to do about 8-10 two-strand twist. Be sure to use some product like Cantu “Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream” and some of their “Anti-Frizz Oil” to assure a good twist out.

12. Twistout – Step 2

Twistout – Step 2

Now here is the MAJOR KEY to this twist out transformation, roll the ends of the twist with a bobby pin. By doing so you will make sure you get a tight twist, and you will be able to stretch out your hair to get a little more length.

13. Twistout – Step 3

Twistout – Step 3

With the front two sections simply make two flat two-strand twist going to the back(roll ends with a bobby pin).

14. Twistout – Step 4

Twistout – Step 4

To make the twist more workplace friendly, simply swirl them around in a bun in the back of your head and you will have a simple low bun with a middle part

15. Twistout – Step 5

Twistout – Step 5

Work is done and it’s time to unwind…literally. Take your hair down and untwist your hair. For fullness take a wide tooth comb and lift the roots a little.

16. Twistout – Step 6

Twistout – Step 6

To take it up a notch we are going to make for small basic box braids in the front of your head, 2 on each side of the middle part. Section off the hair in the front on the sides closest to your ears. Crisscross the braids at the top like you would your laces in your sneaker. Then you are going to pin them down behind the ear.

17. Twistout – Step 7

Twistout – Step 7

Take the hair that you sectioned off in the front and use a bobby pin to pull it over the hair in the back.

18. Twistout – Step 8

Twistout – Step 8

Repeat on the other side and overlap the hair from the other section. Fluff your curls on the bottom and go slay.

19. Pincurls – Step 1

Pincurls – Step 1

This look will require you to curl your hair before heading to work. Give yourself a middle part in the front and use a curling iron to put a few big barrel curls in your hair.

20. Pincurls – Step 2

Pincurls – Step 2

Take the hair from the front and pull it towards the back while pin curling the ends.

21. Pincurls – Step 3

Pincurls – Step 3

Smooth any flyaways and finish with some hairspray to set your look for the day.

22. Pincurls – Step 4

Pincurls – Step 4

Take out your bobby pins and comb through your curls with your fingers. Bring your hair into a high ponytail. Spread the hair in the ponytail evenly in every direction(hair should fall over your head like an umbrella).

23. Pincurls – Step 5

Pincurls – Step 5

Take the middle section of the hair and put it in a clip to use later. To create volume and a sexy undone look tease all the hair(except the hair in clip).Then cover the teased hair with the hair from the clip.

24. Pincurls – Step 6

Pincurls – Step 6

Gather the hair and tuck it under to form a messy bun. Of course you need your hairpins to keep your bun in place.

25. Pincurls – Step 7

Pincurls – Step 7

Be sure to leave a few pieces from the top section out of the bun to make this look unkept and sexy with a faux swoop bang.