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We all know about the accusations of sexual assault against singer R. Kelly but do we know the timeline of how and when it happened? Take a look to learn more.

Timeline Of R. Kelly’s Sexual Assault Accusations  was originally published on

1. 1994: R. Kelly Marries Aaliyah

1994: R. Kelly Marries Aaliyah

R. Kelly worked with singer Aaliyah on her début album “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.” R. Kelly, 27, marries Aaliyah when she’s 15 and has her age stated as 18 on their marriage certificate. They annulled the marriage that same year and vowed to never speak about it again.

2. 1996: Tiffany Hawkins Eues R. Kelly For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

1996: Tiffany Hawkins Eues R. Kelly For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Tiffany Hawkins sues the singer “engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with (her), included but not limited to engaging in group sexual intercourse with her) and other minors.” At the time Hawkins was 15 and R. Kelly was 24. They ended up settling the suit with an undisclosed amount


3. 2000: Chicago Police Open An Investigation

2000: Chicago Police Open An Investigation

In 2000, the Chicago Police sex crimes unit opened an investigation into R. Kelly about two separate sexual misconduct allegations. This came after DeRogatis a person who worked for the “Sun-Times” received an anonymous tip. Even so, police were unable to find witnesses who’d come forward.


4. 2002: Patrice Jones Sues R. Kelly After He Allegedly Got Her Pregnant

At the age of 16, Patrice Jones claims R. Kelly got her pregnant and then forced her to get an abortion. Montina Woods sues Kelly a weeks later for allegedly taping them having sex without her permission. Both cases were settled with an undisclosed amount. Later on, a sex tape of Kelly allegedly having sex with a minor is released and he gets indicted on 21 charges of child pornography in Illinois.

5. 2003: Florida Police Charge R. Kelly With Child Pornography

Florida police obtained a camera belonging to R. Kelly that contained images of him having sex with underaged girls. In addition to his 21 counts of child pornography in Illinois, the state of Florida charged him with 12 more.

6. 2003: The Girl In The 2002 Sex Tape Was 14

It’s revealed while R. Kelly is on trial for his child pornography charges in Illinois, the girl who appeared in a 2002 sex tape was only 14-years-old.

7. 2008: R. Kelly Wins His Illinois Trial

After three years of being on trial for child pornography in Illinois, Kelly wins the case. A jury consisting of nine men and three women found him not guilty.

8. 2017: Mississippi Sheriff Sues R. Kelly

In 2017, R. Kelly gets sued by a Mississippi Sheriff that accuses the singer of having an affair with his wife.

9. 2017: R. Kelly Accused Of Holding Women Hostage In His Home

DeRogatis publishes an article to BuzzFeed claiming that R. Kelly was holding 6 women against their will at his Chicago and Atlanta houses. The report suggests that Kelly was dictated every part of their lives.

10. 2018: Unnamed Woman Accuses R. Kelly Of Giving Her An STI

A woman who remains unnamed accused R. Kellly of giving her an STI.