Are you growing, slowing, affecting or infecting folk? Are you offering encourage words to others or always finding fault in everything? Are you slowing and pulling on others to slow it? If you have answered yes to the following questions then you are infecting instead of affecting folk to greatness. Please check yourself before […]

This is a great day to be alive considering all that you may have or will go through today. Beware of the joy snatchers on the loose trying to steal your joy and simply disrupt your day. They didn’t create you so don’t allow them to undo you. Clovia “Miss Community” Lawrence Check out Miss […]

Pressure builds and blows. SHUT IT DOWN!  I have too much to lose than to go off on you. Text “Kiss” To 23845 for your chance at ticket giveaways and news before anyone else!…Standard Messaging Rates Apply Keep it humble before you stumble. A “Clo-ism” on life’s journey today. Check out Miss Community’s daily “Clo-isms” here. […]

This is one of the greatest of your life to be alive. Stop trying to have personal relationships in public places, like, the working place and on social media because your secrets are NOT safe. A “Clo-ism” on life’s journey today. #Cloism Check Miss Community’s daily the “Clo-ism”

Check your EGO at the door….. a good friend of mine told me that EGO means (E)asing (G)od (O)out Those who humble themselves on the way to the top may weeble or wobble but won’t fall down. But those who are arrogant on the way to the top the fall is fast and hard. A […]

You have tried this and that to lose weight. Be the Biggest loser today by simply losing the stress, depression, oppression, gossip, strife, idolatry, jealousy and the inability to forgive others. That’s 100 pounds.  I tried it! I tested! It’s true! This is my “Clo-ism” and I’m sticking to it.   Miss Community Clooovia

You weeble, wobble, fall down, jump up, rollover, stand up, fall down and then Stand.  This is the timeline to victory, winning, and overcoming.  Welcome to the real winner’s circle.  I tried it! I tested it! It’s true…just another “Clo-ism” Check out Miss Community’s Daily “Clo-ism”  

This is a great day to be alive, in spite of all we have or will go through today. The key word here is ‘through.’ Are you breathing, seeing, thinking, and moving? Welcome to new life today because yesterday is done and over. Live life for today and stop resurrecting dead stuff. A “Clo-ism” on […]

This is another blessed day to be in the land of the living. Be careful of what is planted because you will reap what you sow. Words are powerful in this season of favor. Another “Clo-ism” on life’s journey today. #Cloism Check Miss Community Clo’s Daily “Clo-ism” Now calmly meditate on William Murphy’s This Is […]

The Clo-ism is God’s words of wisdom downloaded in me to share and lighten the load on life’s journey. Humble folks walk away in peace while out of control folks storm off and return with a vengeance. Stay our of prison for life -Humble before you Stumble This is my “Clo-ism” for the day and I’m […]

Today’s scripture from BibleGateway is so timely. In fact, all scripture is timely. We have taken God out of our homes, schools and community. People we need the word of God to make it through the day. My heart is sadden for all families and communities victimized by violence and murder. We can no longer […]

God day family, this is a great day to be alive. God has given you life to live and share in the joy of connecting with others. After all, we are spirit beings contrary to social media beliefs. Life is for living, loving, sharing, caring and forgiving. The inability to forgive can cause dis-ease in […]