A federal appeals court ruled that banning an employee from wearing dreadlocks is not racial discrimination. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a case brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Chastity Jones, a black woman in Alabama refused to cut off her locs as a condition of employment with an insurance company. Essence.com reported, the EEOC […]

Isaiah Freeman's family is disappointed in their son's Virginia private school after they told the student he had to cut his dreadlocks if he wanted to stay at the institution.

From hiphopwired.com Some of Virginia’s inmates are suffering for their beliefs, and their hairstyles. An estimated 48 inmates in Virginia are being placed in isolation because the length of their hair or beards does not comply with state regulations. At least 14 of these inmates are Rastafarians who believe their dreadlocks are a sign of […]