Update: Governor Bob McDonnell 85 billion dollar budget was voted on in both the House and Senate but there is some rejection with the final vote. The balance of power has been decided in Virginia General Assembly and the power goes to the Republicans. The new state Senate will include 20 seats for Republicans and […]

If you were convicted of a felony and would like to start the process of getting your rights restored get information here.  Please obtain copies of your sentencing orders and proof that you have paid all fines and restitution -then start the process.  For more information,  go to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website at […]

Conservative GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum won two deep south states in Tuesday’s primaries. Santorum won Mississippi and Alabama. He said “it’s time for conservatives to pull together. You need to nominate a conservative to go up against President Barack Obama.” Mitt Romney won Hawaii only in the Tuesday’s primary. Romney’s campaign congratulated Rick Santorum on […]

Richmond, VA is on edge this afternoon as news quickly begins to spread of the official passing of the controversial Ultrasound bill in the Virginia State Senate. Over the past few weeks, the bill itself has morphed from a mandate that involves a transvaginal ultrasound be performed to determine the outcome of the pregnancy. The […]

Virginia's General Assembly goes in session on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 and will remain in session until March 2012. Legislators will introduce hundreds of bills and you can keep track of all bills here.