In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell tells a story of when she was praising Jesus in the car on her way to work, and she looked over and noticed another driver looking at her like the crazy church lady. She explains that she feels unashamed by this, exclaiming “I didn’t even know I […]

In this edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about why it’s not cool to be selfish. She says that if we only pay attention to ourselves, that’s all we’ll be left with! We have to freely give and freely receive, as the bible itself says, and selfishness leaves just about no room for […]

Tye Tribbett is Out to Do Everything New and FRESH!   Tye Tribbett is definitely bringing a new flavor to the gospel forefront with his new single entitled “Fresh”.   It’s the first, I’m sure, of many chart topping hits to be released from his new project entitled…you guessed it – “FRESH”  Look for it in stores on October […]