“The Daniel Fast” Consider getting your year started with prayer and fasting.  Some people often start their year with the Daniel Fast.  This is a great way to get focused on God’s Will over your life. THE DANIEL FAST Specifically, entering into an extended period of prayer and fasting at the New Year is practiced […]

SO….have you ever been in a place where you were trying to figure out, “WHY do I feel like….you fill in the blank.  Well I have, but finally I am figuring out why, which is a blessing! Sometimes people go through life mad, feeling sad and don’t take the time out to figure out why. Take […]

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Debra Peek-Haynes spoke with Roland Martin about her new book and shared how holistic nutrition helped her overcome infertility.


A healthy life is a happy life! You can start living healthier by simply substituting a few things in your daily routine. Remember that small…

The Belle Gearing Up For “The Daniel Fast” Today is Day 5!  This is day four for me on the Daniel Fast and things just keep on happening!  One of my favorite places to eat is Panera Bread.  This is a place that has great food and is never ever brought to the work place for FREE to eat, UNTIL […]

In a world where violence and cruelty seem to be common and almost acceptable, many parents wonder what they can do to help their children…

Hip Hop star Lil Cease took control and transformed his life and body and want you to do the same.  In his new video, “Hardbody Fitness”, the Brooklyn native shows you how to turn your flab into hard muscle you’d be proud of.

At some point in your life you’ve probably heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Although a cute and catchy phrase, I can not vouch for this infamous health claim. But what I will do is give you 8 ways to maintain a clean bill of health – which essentially has […]

Eating right and living healthy is a life long mission for everyone.  No matter what your age is, having a good nutritional program is important.  This month the American Dietetic Association is focused on spotlighting the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. 

Fitness Guru Donna Richardson Joyner has been motivating millions of people to get healthy and lose weight for over 20 years.  She passionately tells exercise-challenged people to Stop making excuses to exercise and just do it! Make it a priority.

Diet and Weight Loss is a much discussed topic amongst our family, friends and associates.  We see our favorite fitness instructors bopping across the screen and in our health centers pushing us to have better bodies.  Donna Richardson Joyner has been helping many individuals shed unwanted pounds and live healthier lives for over 20 years.

Do you love salads and looking for new ideas to spice up your greens?  Eating lighter and leaner is a great way to go if you are like many of us trying to live a healthier life.