The 2012 graduating class at Liberty University are not pleased with their respective commencement speaker at the graduation ceremonies. Liberty University students are unhappy that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will address their graduation. In a letter to students, Liberty Chancellor Jerry Falwell, JR wrote that having Romney at the ceremonies would showcase the university his […]

Former Massachusett’s governor Mitt Romney is the top contender for the GOP presidential nomination following Tuesday’s primaries. Romney with into the primary with 698 delegates and swept all five states -New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut. However, he must still work hard to win the 1,144 delegates to formally secure the nomination. Mitt Romney […]

With Rick Santorum out of the GOP race, Mitt Romney took the vote in District of Columbia, Maryland, and Wisconsin.  Even though Rick Santorum has removed himself from race, he still wants a republican to win the general election. Santorum states, “I know there will always be complaints about, well, ‘I don’t like this candidate […]