Dr. Deena Carr says a key way to tap into your fortune is through either a 401(k) plan or an other contribution retirement plan. Listen…

It’s hard to tap into your fortune when you’re unemployed, but Dr. Deena Carr is back  on ”The James Fortune Show” to help you stay on track. Listen to…

It’s a new year and no better time to get your finances in order. Dr. Deena Carr joined today’s Tapping Into Your Fortune on ”The James…

Black Friday is known as a day of deals to start off the holiday shopping season. And while a lot of retailers mark items to the lowest price of the year, some deals are better if you wait. Before making a list of things to buy while on your Black Friday adventure, there are some things […]

It appears George Zimmerman has done anything right from the beginning of the Trayvon Martin case until now. Today, new reports have surfaced about an alleged ‘oversight’ in the bond process. The neighborhood watch volunteer did not disclose that a website had raised more than $200,000 for his defense, even though his family told the […]

Once upon a time when we were in grade school.  We were admonished for talking in class.  Nowadays, talking can make you big bucks. Read More


By Martha Beck O, The Oprah Magazine Long ago, so long ago that I was practically still a gill-breather, I noticed a magazine ad that claimed the average person earns $700,000 over an entire lifetime. I have no idea how they came to that number, but I never forgot the words splashed in big, bold […]

Via: // Are you getting your daily dose of tax tips? One a day could help keep the auditor away.  Even better, they could mean savings when you send the IRS your Form 1040.  This week I’ll be  starting my four part tax series to ensure that you don’t miss out on any credits […]