President Barack Obama’s three-day India visit which concluded Monday boosted viewership for both English and Hindi news channels in the country. The non-stop coverage of President Obama and wife Michelle’s first state visit to India had been building up days before his arrival in Mumbai on Saturday afternoon. While in Mumbai at the Holy Name […]

It took President Obama 18 months to invite the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, to the White House for a one-on-one chat. Their Aug. 4 session in the Oval Office — 30 minutes of private time, interrupted only when the president’s daughter Malia called from summer camp to wish her father a happy 49th birthday […]

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are asking Americans to vote—and to help get out the vote—this November.

President Obama makes a direct appeal to African-Americans to vote Democrat on Election Day, in a new commercial airing on national radio shows and on stations reaching black communities in a handful of key midterm battleground states.

CBS News’ Christine Delargy gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at President Obama’s hour-long youth town hall airing on MTV, BET and CMT Thursday afternoon. MTV’s Sway Calloway and BET’s April Woodard spoke with “Washington Unplugged” before the event about young voters and turnout in the midterm elections.

President Obama is once again drawing heat from one of his new steps towards change. This time, he is aiming for a change in America’s college education system. Obama is making moves in encouraging people to choose to attend community college as opposed to a 4 year University. What It Means To Be Black, Beautiful […]

One thing Virginia Shelton wanted to do was to see President Barrack Obama in person.  She got her wish yesterday when the President came to Richmond…she even got a hug.   The Richmond Times Dispatch did a great article on the meeting.   Read more

From: President Obama called into the Russ Parr Morning Show this morning to talk about the upcoming mid-term elections, voter apathy and Obama’s agenda going forward. TD Jakes Responds To Bishop Eddie Long Allegations [VIDEO] Marivn Sapp Talks To Yolanda Adams Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Speaks! [VIDEO] Seton Hall Student Was A Hero

President Obama is putting a lot of emphasis on the state of education in America.  Read More

Some company CEO’s aren’t pleased with the way the president is running some things.  Read More

Via: It’s been a while since Black radio has heard from it’s leader. Not Tom Joyner, not Cathy Hughes – this morning, MOJO 100.3 exclusively presented the in depth conversation with our nation’s leader, President Barack Obama. Part One – Part Two – Part Three –

President Obama will speak from the newly remodeled Oval Office tonight on the latest in Iraq.  Some people are praising the recent pull out action, and some are criticizing.  Read More.