The ladies of “The View” discuss their thoughts and reactions to the NRA’s attack ad and accusations against President Barack Obama which involved his daughters. Share your thoughts with us below on the message board. RELATED LINKS: NRA Releases Vitriolic Attack Ad Targeting President Obama’s Daughters President Barack Obama Introduces Federal Gun Control Plan We […]

Real faith filled life begins with real prayer. Many of us put in our weekly visits to church and consider that enough time.  True prayer can be a great thing. There Is More To Life Than Work A Good prayer can and should be intensely personal, we cannot learn to pray personally, or ever excel […]

Dear God, Please bless my children. For this I pray: May they thrive in any economy. May they be safe and protected. May they be healthy and happy. May they be uplifted by love. May they be strengthened by opportunity. May their days be filled with fun and play. May all their needs be met—always. […]