Whether you like watching TLC’s “The Sisterhood” or not, there’s no denying that the Atlanta-based reality TV show has elicited strong responses from viewers.   In a recent interview with Darlene McCoy, cast member Ivy Couch and her husband Pastor Mark Couch of Emmanuel Tabernacle Church talked about the criticism that the show has received. […]

The New Year kicks off with the launch of many new reality shows and one that’s already caught a bit of backlash and simultaneous interest is the TLC channel’s series “The Sisterhood” detailing the lives of a group of Atlanta-based preachers wives. The show follows them as they navigate through marital troubles, financial issues, parenting […]

It was bound to happen, and now it has a reality show about the first ladies of the church.  That’s right a new Atlanta-based reality show is set to hit the airwaves next month, focusing on the lives of preacher’s wives. Earlier this week, TLC released a trailer of The Sisterhood, which is basically The Real Housewives […]