Charlotte community leaders responded generally quietly in reaction to the Kerrick trial decision. Many are supportive of the court system’s outcome, though disagree with it.…

After a lengthy legal battle between a black South Carolina church and members of the Ku Klux Klan, a judge has ruled that the church owns a building where KKK robes and T-shirts are sold.

Take a look at your Radio One Richmond family’s honest responses to the results of today’s long awaited verdict in the Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson death trial. Live during the worldwide announcement and just moments after the new broke out, our cameras were right there on deck to hear from some your favorite folks […]

THE VERDICT IS IN & DR. CONRAD MURRAY HAS BEEN FOUND… GUILTY After months of speculation and a tragedy that struck us all to the core, the verdict is in. Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty in association with the untimely death of our beloved King of Pop Michael Jackson. Was justice served in […]