In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about the fact that, most of the time, we know when we’re about to make a poor decision! We are usually rationalizing and trying to find ways to justify our reasons for making the choice- this is certainly a clear sign that we’re doing what we […]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell warns us to “beware of seeing yourself through other people’s eyes.” For one thing, it’s not reliable, because you cant ever really discern what others actually think of you. It also borders on idolatry, Erica notes, because it can lead to trying to please others. Instead, we […]

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell delivers some more of her powerful “I am” affirmations, and discusses the importance of defining oneself. Knowing who and what you are makes it impossible for other people to define you, and for the things you watch, read and consume to define you. Defining oneself certainly makes […]