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                                                                                            Deacon Of The Day


Deacon’s Name: Freddie Harrison

Chruch Affiliation: Oak Grove Baptist 

City: White Plains, VA

Nominated by Patricia Jarrett

According to Ms. Patricia Jarrett…

[Deacon] Harrison came to us as an experienced military deacon.  He is a humble man.  He is always lending a helping hand to people.  His personality is always the same; smiling, greeting and willing to help the young as well as the old.  He is a person who wears many hats, he fixes and repairs the upkeep of the church.  I believe most of his labor is free of charge.  He also is the instructor for Sunday School Youth, they loved the joy of his teachings.  He has a great rapport with everyone involved in our church. He believes that the Lord has a job for everyone; therefore, he is a great motivator!

[Deacon] Freddie Harrison is a positive role model for the youth, he always [has] functions at the family park for the youth in the community. His family park offers activities such as the following: fishing, basketball, ping pong, softball, putt-putt, golf, tennis, cookouts, and many other activities for smaller children. If [Deacon] Harrison is unavailable due to his work schedule, his brother is always there to assist the community people with activities.

Author, Patricia Jarrett


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