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A tragedy is anything that is mournful, melancholy, disastrous or even fatal.  There were so many things that were considered “tragic” in 2009, it would take me all day to create the list.  I mean from natural disasters, to the Steve McNair murder suicide, there were many.  After considering what was most devastating for the year to me, I tried to consider those events that impacted more than just a few.  They may not have had a “disastrous” end, but if not handled well could.  Here’s my short list.

#5 –  Oprah calls it quits

Now, what could be tragic about her leaving are others trying to fill her shoes.  There is ONLY one Oprah Winfrey and before the credits could roll on the show that aired her departure, people were already trying to figure out who, what, when, why and where her “successor” was to appear.  It is a travesty that she is going to end her reign.  There are so many who have done quite well in their professions because of the O-Factor.  Those who are looking for their vehicle will now have to find another.  Shucks!

# 4  – Tiger Woods comes undone

Tiger Woods was America’s sweetheart.  He was the first African American or whatever the heck he called himself, he was the first brown man to dominate the golf sport in ways that many never thought possible.  He could do no wrong OR at least that is what the public had created–this icon that didn’t ask to be lifted above the heavens but was.  Tiger was just smart enough to keep his nose clean which empowered the dirt that was mounting against him.  BUT when he banged into that tree and fire hydrant, all hell seemed to break loose in his life.  Things just didn’t make sense to the media folk and neither to us lay persons.  Something was missing.  And when we found out…boy howdy, it became a media frenzy.   And all of a sudden, the man that most had placed on a pedestal–was now known as one of the biggest  and sloppiest whores in the sport industry.  The tragedy in this has nothing to do with money–come on, let’s keep it real.  Tiger Woods is a billionaire.  He’ll always eat.  But his children will someday know how their daddy completely disrespected their mom and the embarrassment he has caused their family will forever be his legacy.  What’s also tragic–if I can keep it real is, because Tiger IS a seen as a Black man and all of his women of choice were anything BUT Black, those who have always wanted to string him up by his neck–it only fueled it for THEM.

#3  – White House party crashers

I think the most tragic part of this debacle is how it has been handled.  There still has been no accountability that I am aware of, for this couple.  They crashed a party that the President of the United States was.  BUT, not only did they crash, they shook his hand.  What in the world is wrong with this picture.  Not even a slap on the wrist?  Our Presidents life was compromised and nothing has been done YET.  I have a problem with that.  Part of my problem is, if this were any other President in office, they would have been behind bars by now awaiting details.  That’s my own personal opinion.  The tragedy in this is how some things stay the same.

#2  – Chris Brown & Rihanna brawl

This was extremely tragic, especially after learning that both Chris Brown and Rihanna had witnessed domestic violence in their homes growing up.  It seemed a vicious cycle bound to rear its head.  Although he is being tested in the eyes of the media and before his fans, Chris Brown is reportedly getting the help he needs.  Rihanna seems to have made a successful comeback although I think some of her music has darkened as a result of the recent incidents.  The tragedy in this is that so much of it played itself out in the public eye.  Rihanna reported and later admittedly reunited with him but later had an epiphany.  The message that may have sent to other young women being abused is dangerous.  Later with Diane Sawyer, she made amends for that lapse in judgment and spoke about her classic victim tendencies.  My prayer is that women and men understand the severity of physical abuse and learn how to manage their anger before their fists land on someone else face

#1  – Michael Jackson dies

Michael Jackson died of a heart attack after being given too much medication to help him sleep.  His children were home and the world fell apart – for a minute.  He was an amazing entertainer.  He impacted the world in ways that will be remembered for several lifetimes.  Not only did his music touch the souls of man, but he was also an incredible humanitarian.  It is still a little surreal.  Hearing of his death on June 25th, it almost seemed as if time stopped for just a second.  I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.  I couldn’t wait to get home to verify the news and to my dismay, it wasn’t the rumor mill this time.  Although Michael Jackson’s life was littered with scandal and controversy, I think most will remember what he gave to our society – more than anything.  The tragedy of leaving his children behind without full knowledge of who they are lingers BUT God is good.  They will be kept.

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