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TBR – Exclusive – When the Preachers of L.A. first hit the airways on the Oxygen network just months ago, the initial responses from the saints ranged from outrage to curious. From the Baptist Churches to Gospel Music Workshop of America members, the conversations seemed endless. However after the first couple of episodes, church members and non-church members appeared to not be able to get enough of the constant drama that ranged from a Gospel singer anxiously wanting to get married, First Ladies of the Church who strongly believed and lived their role of the church and the “good” friend of eleven years of a Bishop who was obviously more than just a friend.   Each week the story lines appeared to become stronger and more heart felt as these preachers reminded viewers that they are human and have problems and challenges just like anyone else. 

From Gospel superstar Deitrick Haddon being transparent about his life and mistakes and getting re-married to Bishop Noel Jones revealing personal health issues and publicly making a conscience decision to ask his good friend Loretta to be more than ‘just” a friend in his life, Preachers of L.A. and all that it has to offer can only get better.  The show offers surprises, transparency and enough drama to has kept millions glued to the tube each week.

As a result, Preachers of L.A. is prepping for a second season.  However unlike their first season that only offered 8 episodes, their upcoming season will offer 12 episodes of emotional rollercoaster rides, that’s sure to keep the saints and “aints” around for another season.

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