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Here's how he turned heartbreak and pain into a driving force to win in life.

At 73, she is entering her second marriage and proving the “it’s never too late” proverb true.

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Behind Black Barbie, are the Black women who fought for inclusiveness and diversity while while working at Mattel.

After facing rejections from aviation schools in the United States, Coleman headed to Paris, France, in 1920 and enrolled at the Caudron Brothers’ School of Aviation. The following year, she would earn her pilot's license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. The post Black Girls Fly: Remembering Bessie Coleman, The 1st African American Woman Pilot appeared first on NewsOne.

Norman Gyamfi is no stranger to going for the gold and getting it.


We have grown to love these seven Black TV dads who have made us fall for them by exhibiting superior parenting skills.

Harmonizing Legacies: The Resonant Influence of Gospel Music Families Families singing in gospel music is a tradition that spans generations and has played a significant role in shaping the genre’s rich history. Contemporary groups like the Winans and the Clark Sisters have a harmony that is a defining feature of gospel music, adding depth, emotion, […] The post Harmonizing Legacies: The Resonant Influence of Gospel Music Families appeared first on Black America Web.

These chart-topping songbirds don't just lead God's people in worship, they also counsel, advise, and minister the Word to them.

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Deion Sanders appeared on the All The Smoke podcast for a mental health episode, opening up about when he attempted suicide in his mid-20s.

Congrats are in order for Pastor Jamal Bryant who announced his engagement to his New Birth Missionary Church this past Sunday in Atlanta! The couple shared the news in an Instagram post where Bryant is standing alongside his fiancé, Karri Turner, the Pastor of Cardiology at the church. “Sometimes your blessing will be right in […]

Theologian by day and baker by night, Candice's delivery is akin to a labor of love.