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Mayor Dwight C. Jones has closed the door on all speculation about the new Richmond City Jail being built on the South Side. Yesterday the Mayor announced his administration has plans for construction of the new jail to take place at the current location on the East End’s Fairfield Way. The state has already approved a $137 million plan to renovate the existing structure.

Mayor Jones, who has repeatedly pushed for upgrades to the deteriorating jail, has made huge efforts to keep the jail at its East End location.

“Jail placement is a difficult thing,” said Jones. “We have a horrendous situation at the current jail. We need to find a way to flip the page on this, and the easiest, most direct route is to keep it where it is.”

Construction will being in fall 2011 and should finish early 2014. The new facility will accompany 1,032 beds and could accommodate 1,500 inmates, compared to the now standing facility, which has 880 beds, but still accommodates 1,500 inmates.