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President/Managing Partner of Rejoice Musical Soul Food,

Mike Chandler and April Washington

Founder and principle owner of Habakkuk Music Inc.,

Set to Tie the Knot

TBR – Exclusive – Chesapeake, VA — The President/Managing Partner and Morning show Host of Rejoice Musical Soul Food, Mike Chandler and April Washington, founder and principle owner of Threefold Music Group, Inc. and Habakkuk Music, Inc. are set to tie the knot on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 in Chesapeake, VA.

The two have enjoyed a wonderful 2-year courtship and at the end of the month the two will become one.

Their love story is truly priceless considering they both work in the entertainment industry and their schedules are non-stop.

Mike and April have both worked in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.

Throughout that time, they were in each other’s space, crossing paths professionally many times but never connecting on a personal level.

However, one fateful morning while visiting radio stations in the south, April stopped by Mike’s Virginia Beach radio station for an early 7am meeting. After conducting business, Mike asked April out to breakfast. During breakfast he says, “I looked into April’s eyes and the birds began to sing.”

April says ‘Michael’ is her gift from God. After that breakfast meeting, she tried but could not get him out of her thoughts. She wondered if she was being silly thinking about him so much…She never said a word, keeping her thoughts to herself.

Over the next couple of months after “the” breakfast, the two found themselves in the same places. This time they did notice each other. Out of nowhere, the two kept bumping into each other in the most unusual places.

The couples first date happened at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. This became and still is one of the couple’s favorite places for breakfast. This is where Mike and April like to meet to encourage each other in business. For instance, this is where Mike encouraged April to pursue her idea of creating products for Cracker Barrel to sell…A dream later fulfilled.

April is Mike’s biggest cheerleader. She encourages him to continue with his entrepreneurial spirit in expanding his broadcasting company.

For several years the two maintained a steady long distance relationship, burning up many miles and tires traveling up and down I-95. They could not bear to be apart. During their courtship they would never go more than 7-10 days without seeing each. Mostly Mike would drive to Maryland, but if he was busy or drained from business, April will make the drive to Virginia.

So, on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 3pm the couple will celebrate their marriage with the support of family and friends.


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