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The killing spree in California that left seven people dead including the perpetrator, Elliot Rodgers, has reignited the gun control debate. Rodgers, who stabbed to death three people in his apartment and subsequently rampaged through Santa Barbara shooting and killing three other people, killed himself after wounding an additional eleven others.

In the wake of Rodgers’rampage, experts are scouring through his 140 page manifesto and Youtube videos, which revealed a seething hatred of women. Given the tragic killings, the huge amount of ammunition Rodgers possessed and the visceral hatred he had for women, many people are wondering how the mentally unstable misogynist had access to firearms. Advocates for the mentally ill are calling for an overhaul of our nation’s mental health system. And, family members of the victims are also slamming the NRA and Congress for failing to pass reasonable gun control measures that will help prevent people with mental illness from purchasing firearms. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delved into the issue with Conservative Talker, Henry Hollingshead.

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