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Anthony Brown has had quite a year, but it hasn’t always been so wonderful for the Group Therapy leader. He shares an awesome back story to his hit song “Testimony”, for which this week he won an ASCAP Rhythm and Soul award for writing BillBoards longest running song of 2013. Read the awe inspiring testimony he shared this week on Facebook:

“Good Morning…it’s 6 AM (West coast time) and I’m sitting here reflecting on the day ahead. I remember sitting at my computer desk in my room (THREE YEARS AGO)…I was down. Creative people..gifted people..go through bouts of depression that most will never know about or see..we are emotional by nature..we feel for a everything affects us. I was having one of those “moments” when the voice of God..clear as day said to me, “what reason do you have to be down?”..It made me think..I knew what I was facing in front of me…but it made me think of all that I had come through to get here. I took out my pen and started writing these words…”this song’s dedicated to everyone who made it through any test or trial..or hopeless you have a story that the angels can’t sing in’re redeemed from the hand of the enemy”. It went on to say..”Can’t nobody tell it like me..can’t nobody say it like don’t no the story like me..cuz it’s me TESTIMONY”. tears rolled down my face….i was dancing while making the beat in my room. I was jamming like it was the hottest song on the radio..I sang it and danced for HOURS…I made up dance moves to it and did the choreography in the mirror behind my door. I didn’t know if anyone else would like it..or ever hear it…or appreciate what the song meant…but it WAS FOR ME!!


Today, I will be attending the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music awards in Beverly Hills. They are honoring songwriters who have made significant contributions to music this year as well and over their careers. They are honoring Neyo and Jermaine Dupri. A laundry list of “who’s who” guest performers like Jennifer Hudson and Mario and others are performing. It will be a grand affair with writers and stars from all over the globe. This is the part that gets me….

God knew WAAAAAAYYYYYY back in the room what ,y future was going to look like…He knew that if I just pressed through the pain of that moment, that out of me would be birthed a sound..a song..that a lot of people would connect with..He knew that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way..He knew someone else would need to hear it. And HE knew…That TODAY…amongst ALL those other people…That lil ole Anthony Brown would not only be RECEIVING an ASCAP Rhythm and Soul award for writing BillBoards longest running song of 2013 (WOW!!!!!) but that I would be PERFORMING ON THE SHOW!!! PLEASE HEAR ME: God has a plan! I know that it may make NO sense right now…maybe because it’s not FOR now..maybe “this” is for later…JUST keep getting up..keep moving forward…feel it..for don’t let it stop you. I am living breathing proof that one day ALL OF YOUR TEST…EVENTUALLY BECOME TESTIMONY’S!!!!!!!!!!!


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