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Atlanta, GA — Meet the new Head of the Gospel Division for Malaco Music Group and the Director of  4 Winds Records Label.   He is Darrell Luster with many responsibilities, starting with the different labels.

4 Winds Records is a label that focuses more on the companies Quartets and the Director of the Gospel Division of Malaco would be over everything Gospel, including the Mississippi Mass Choir, Georgia Mass Choir and everything that’s Gospel, so we are still finalizing a few things,” says Luster.

When we caught up to Luster, it was during the recent, Gospel Music Workshop of America 2014. Luster said his goal was to “get out and meet and greet the people and to let everyone know that there is a new face.”

However even with a new face in front of Malaco, Luster says “We will continue to do what we do including pushing the Mississippi Mass, the Canton Spirituals and our entire roster.”

But even with the ever evolving door of Gospel Music and those that run it, Luster says, “Our offices we are still moving forward. Specifically things have and are still changing when you talk about Radio, whose actually playing the music and even retail.  We are losing people that we are all so use to, but we also, have newer people coming along everyday in the industry.  So we have to make new friends, see how that works and then work it out, along with the younger generation that’s coming along.”

As for attending the recent 2014 Gospel Music Workshop of America, Luster said, “I am enjoying myself and I don’t consider this work. In fact, my attorney told me, find something to do that you love and enjoy doing, and you will never work a day in your life.”

Before transitioning to his new job, Luster said he was already working at Malaco but in a different position. “I’ve actually been working at Malaco since 1984, but simply behind the scenes, producing for other artists and writing, which hasn’t been hard, because I’m an artist myself.  You have to understand, I’ve been doing this for 32 years, so being here at the Gospel Music Workshop of America and being with the Gospel Announcers Guild has been great and I’m loving every minute of it!”

Luster says, this year, has allowed him the opportunity to get out and really meet and rub shoulders with so many Gospel Announcers that he has just talked to over the phone, but is finally getting the chance to put faces with names.

Let’s continue to keep our brother in prayer as he prepares Malaco Music Group and 4 Winds Records for the next level.

For more information about Malaco go to: or call him at (601) 982-4522.

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