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By Esih Efuru

I admire how life springs forth from the soil and the roots of trees, and marvel at how God uses water, time and the elements to create such natural beauty. When my daughter’s music and arts camp gave each child a handful of seeds to plant at the beginning of the 6-week program, I was more excited than she for the chance to see the results. At the program’s end, some children proudly showed off cilantro sprouts while others dug around the dirt to see why their basil and thyme seeds were being stubborn. I placed my daughter’s plant on the front patio where the sun could wash it daily, and peeked in on it after my noonday meditations. Most days, the buds would look the same, and I’d go on about my way, eager to see if or when the sprouts would come forth. Eventually, the buds reached up and spread out, tall and strong.

Planting and growth occur in their own time, despite the angst of our waiting. Without the important steps of time, wisdom and patience, plants could experience a diminished growth, no matter how much water and sunlight we make available to them. There is a valuable gift in taking the time to let nature conduct its symphony. We get to admire and enjoy the beauty of evolution. All seeds need their time to sprout; all plants will have their moment to sing. Both are governed by God’s cadence, where nothing comes forth before it’s ready to shine. That’s just the way the God works. He folds in just the right amounts of circumstance, his unconditional love and grace to show us the full beauty of a purpose driven life.

There are things within you that God is growing up and out. You have been showered with goodness, and life has shone wisdom upon you through the decisions you’ve made and the people you’ve met. You’ve stood tall and survived when it didn’t seem possible. You’ve swayed and bent, but you haven’t been broken. Finally, over time, you have emerged, beautiful and radiant, tested and triumphant.

You have been selected by God to endure and prosper. You have been elected for such a time as this. You have arrived at this place that God has prepared for you, to discover the best within you and live accordingly. Yes, it has felt like a valley of despair and darkness, but those caverns held the faith that sealed your promise. That soil has lifted your soul and carried you to your greater. It is now your season for joy and triumph. Seize your purpose! God has invested in you because you’re worth it. Decide today to reach toward the sun, grow up and smile with open arms as you grab the favor that God is extending toward you.

Esih Efuru, a 45-year-old writer, artist and minister, is raising a daughter in Charlotte, NC. Email her

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