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According to law enforcement officials in Ferguson, Mo., there is a small group of individuals that are turing peaceful protests into violent confrontations with police. What should the peaceful protesters do to stop those who are inciting violence at the Justice for Michael Brown rallies? Where is the mayor of Ferguson and where are the other community leaders?

Russel Honoré is a retired Lieutenant General who is best known for coordinating military relief efforts in the aftermath of  Hurricane Katrina. On Tuesday, Gen. Honoré  appeared on “NewsOne Now” to assess conditions on the ground in Ferguson, the National Guard’s involvement in the St. Louis suburb and explained what protesters should be doing to change the narrative from rioting and looting.

St. Louis police officer Darren Wilson is being confused with the officer that fatally shot Michael Brown on August 9th. Both officers share the same name, but the Darren Wilson who appeared Tuesday on “NewsOne Now” is making the case for diversity in law enforcement.

Officer Wilson, President of the Ethical Society of Police, spoke with Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel (Michael Higginbotham, Lauren Victoria Burke and Michael Steele) about increasing the number of African American police officers across the nation.

As developments in the Michael Brown case unfold, it’s critical we continue to shine the light on other cases of injustice as it relates to police encounters with black males. Jasmyne Cannick and Yamiche Alcindor appeared on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the issue of Black men being murdered by police officers.

Chuck Brown‘s final album, ‘Beautiful Life,’ dropped on Tuesday, Raheem DeVaugh, Chucky Thompson and Frank “Scooby” Sirius appeared on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the project.


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