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By Esih Efuru

The universe has already created a timeline for success within each of us. Life comes along to assist us in shifting our perspective to expectancy. Expect the great, as Johnathan Nelson and Purpose sing so emphatically. If you believe yourself to be great, then everything in and around you should reflect that truth.

Sarah Stephens began tagging silly videos of herself sharing spiritual goals on YouTube with her catchphrase “Faith is a Lifestyle.” It caught on like fire and turned into a brand of hope for her multi-media company. Lemond Hart posted daily scriptures for his friends on social media, many of which spoke to trust in a God that does the impossible. He is now weeping in joy as the owner of a modeling company.

Staying tuned to the voice of the Spirit led both Sarah and Lemond directly to dreams perceived as deferred or defeated based on the obstacles. They poured love, tears and faith into every step of their foundation, and the fervor paid off.

The contagious nature of favor, determination and faith keeps you active in purpose, alive in vision and aware of the joy of your dream’s manifestation. Your commitment to yourself, your dreams and the individuals impacted by it heightens. God’s light within you illuminates. The power within you expands. The faith in you evolves. Prayer, the intimate conversation between you and God, helps to seal your fate and confirm God’s intentions to remain forever connected to you and your ascension.

The higher your aim, the greater your mark. Faith assures that you land at the center, where you become the dream and others become transformed by your authenticity. When you adopt faith as a lifestyle, you give life back the gift that it afforded you, and you realize that your presence on the earth is in divine order. Let faith wrap itself around your life, believe in what is not seen and abundance shall be yours!

Esih Efuru, a 45-year-old writer, artist and minister, is raising a daughter in Charlotte, NC. Email her

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