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(DETROIT, MI – October 15, 2014)  Prayers are being lifted for Grammy Award Winning producer and Stellar Award Winning artist J Moss. following reports of a house fire at his home last night.  Our sources have informed us that J wass home alone on Tuesday evening when fire broke out. The fire quickly spread though out the house causing major damage and property lose.  It is believed that the Fire started in the basement of his home.
  Moss was able to escape and the cause of fire to be determined.

 J Moss, best known for hit songs, “We Must Praise”, “Praise on the Inside“, “Psalm 150” and collaborations with Kirk Franklin (“Could’ve Been Me”) and Byron Cage (“We Love You”) is requesting that everyone keep him, his wife and two sons in prayer.

 PAJAM, encourages Moss’ supporters to send their love and support to J Moss via social media by using the handle, @InsideJMoss (Twitter, Instagram, FB) or via email,

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