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Missouri has become the epicenter of police brutality in the United States in recent months, and now the St. Louis county police department has yet another death on their hands.

With the death of 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers at the hands of an off-duty St. Louis Metropolitan officer last Wednesday, October 9th, the city is now in the throes of investigating the deaths of five different African-American men under the age of 31, according to The River Front Times. Two were completely unarmed, one is accused of possessing a gun, another’s autopsy report shows signs that he may have possessed a gun, and the final one reportedly had a small knife.

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The death of Michael Brown in August was the catalyst for the outrage and has generated the most controversy, especially because Darren Wilson, the officer who killed him, is on the verge of being indicted.

The other deaths currently being investigated include 27-year old Stephon Averyhart, who was shot in the forehead by police who suspected he was armed back in February; 30-year-old Christopher Jones, who was shot in the heart during a struggle with an unnamed officer in July; 25-year-old Kajieme Powell, whose death at the hands of police and his erratic nature pre-shooting sparked a debate about the moral justification of deadly force in August (video above); and the aforementioned Myers, who officers claim shot at them three times but then they retaliated by shooting at Meyers 17 times.

Myers’ autopsy this week reportedly shows the existence of gunshot residue on his person.

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