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About Being a Pastor, Her Church and her Next Project

By Sheilah Belle

(Photo of The Belle and Le’Andria Johnson, by The Belle Report)

Exclusive — Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Award winning, Gospel recording artist Le’Andria Johnson, is busier than ever these days. The groundbreaking “Sunday Best” winner and Minister is currently in the studio working on her next project, in between being on the road, pasturing a church and performing across the country.

Recently we caught up with the Award winning singer in Ft. Lauderdale at the 2014 Gospel Explosion. During our time together she had much to share.

“You don’t prepare to become a pastor, because you aren’t qualified by man,

but you are qualified by God”, says LeAndria

Belle: So what is going on with Le’Andria Johnson?

Le’Andria: Right now I am currently pasturing a church, called, IPC Ministries (Imperfect People Changing) in Atlanta, GA. We are located at 661 Dill Avenue, in Atlanta, GA.

Belle: How long have you been ministering at the church?

Le’Andria: June 16th will be two years and I am so excited about this church. I have been watching people from all walks and different lives come into one place. And no we’re not traditional, but we talk about real stuff and we go through it together. I don’t believe in seeing someone come in who don’t look like you, act like you, smell like you, be treated differently than you. That’s not what we believe in. No! We believe in imperfect people changing but one day we will be able to change the name, and say Imperfect People Changed

Belle: How did you prepare to become a Pastor?

Le’Andria: You don’t prepare to become a pastor, because you aren’t qualified by man, but you are qualified by God.

Belle: So when you said, “I’m going to pastor this church”, what did you mean?

Le’Andria: Well God said I was going to do it, and I told him no. And then by me telling Him no, I was sort of kind of, what you might say pushed into something, you’re not prepared for, so He told me, it wasn’t necessarily like I want you to pastor this church, but He said, there are people who follow you that you must lead. And I was like, okay that’s good, we can do that over the phone or over the internet. But He was like, no you must have a gathering of these people and put them in one place. I come from a church world with a church background, so why not go that route. However eventually it’s going to be a little different than the church building. It’s going to be in a different space and I’m excited. And it’s amazing! Out of everyone who said we wouldn’t last, saying we wouldn’t last 6 months, or last 3 months, but we are here and June 16th we mark two years and strong.

Belle: What’s the set up for your church? Do you have Deacons, Elders or Associate Ministers?

Le’Andria: We have those for the sake of the seasoned folks who are there. It’s not just young folks, but we have some good old mothers in there too. Those mothers in there want to see some structure and that’s what they see as structure so we have Deacons, Elders and Associate Ministers. We flow just like a Traditional Church, but you won’t see me standing from behind a pulpit, but more so in a panel like setting with a table in front of us. There are usually 4 to 5 people on a panel and it’s called “Real Talk” every Sunday night at 5p.m. and Tuesday nights at 7p.m.

Belle: How does your church service start?

Le’Andria: We open up with a prayer, followed by Praise and Worship and not too long, do an offering, then we bring the people together and around and we just talk and discuss their answers and questions and go from there.

Belle: How many members do you have in your church now?

Le’Andria: Right now we have about 150 people and growing.

Belle: Tell us about your next project?

Le’Andria: Right now I’m looking at next year. No title yet, but I am excited to say that Donald Lawrence will be working on the Live portion of the album, which is in the beginning process.

Belle: Can we expect any special guests on the project?

Le’Andria: I would love to have Mali Music, Tye Tribbett, John P. Kee, Mary Mary, Dorinda Clark Cole, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Fantasia and if I could, I would do a CD with everybody. I just want to go beyond, what people think can happen. Just go beyond man’s thinking. You know, man will hold you forever in one spot, but you have to release yourself from that one spot.

Belle: So you have the church, a great career, a husband, a family, so what is next for you?

Le’Andria: A Book or maybe a positive Reality show.

Belle: What do you think of these Reality shows now airing?

Le’Andria: It is what it is.

Belle: If you did a Reality show, what would it consist of?

Le’Andria: It would consist of my life, being transparent and loving God. I would base it upon different things I have gone through and still going through.

Belle: Where will you be in 5 years? 10 years? Do you have a life plan?

Le’Andria: Yeah! Five years from now, I plan to be already not looking for another house, but be this big CEO of something great and by this time I would have an audience of Vietnamese, Russian, Asians and all of this country all together. In five years you would see all of these people and nationalities all coming together at my church which will prayerfully be even larger by then. In ten years, the world would be changed for the better, with hopefully more peace and love.

Belle: What do you do for down time?

Le’Andria: I sit in my big chair in my living room and I get a cup of ice and a blow dryer and a blanket, and I eat my ice and get cold and crawl under my blanket and watch a movie or Preachers of L..A.

Lets continue to keep Le’Andria in our prayers as God continues to order her steps.

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