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By Isai Efuru

The Path Worth Traveling


Life is designed to grant us the joy, relief, satisfaction and love that we seek. More often than not, when we don’t see, get or hear what we want, we create statues of limitation that we expect to give us life. We grow further and further away from the person that God has ordained us to be, and get further away from our greater. While it is as close as the air we breathe, we can’t inhale it because our world is polluted, and our view is limited. God then, out of her unconditional love, has to interrupt our perception of reality in order to rescue and bless us.

Judah, the southern kingdom of God’s chosen Hebrew nation in the bible, disobeyed God so many times that its judgment was imminent, and the prophet Jeremiah was the messenger of the latest cycle of bad news. However, before judgment took form, God promised to redeem and deliver them; their entire experience was part of a larger plan. The first step towards their victory was to release everything to God and surrender.

It is there, in the midst of your surrender, and in the tangle of your “wilderness” experience, that God awaits, patiently and lovingly, to rescue you, again…and again…and again. The shifting of your world, the shaking of your foundation, the unsettling of your psyche, are necessary interruptions, and your breakthrough will come through your trials and the errors you make in trying to make human sense out of divine intervention. 

An interruption from God is not a pretty process. You have to be evicted, exposed, and expanded.

  1. Evict yourself from the shame, guilt and weight of a dead life. It’s time to live and give up your old way of believing. It doesn’t work. You have to give up to get up.
  2. Expose yourself; That’s where real life begins. You can’t pretend with or hide from God.
  3. Expand your understanding of God. Pray and seek God’s face and study God’s word. God has more than you and knows more than you will ever know.

The Israelites won in the end, as promised, and the rest was history. Their hope was built on God’s ability to rescue and restore them by way of interruptions necessary to take them to the next level of greatness. Pardon the “interruptions” in your life. Release yourself and your limited scope of what is possible to the magnificent omnipotence of the God who only wants the best for you.

Isai Efuru is a 45 year-old writer and pastor who currently ministers in Charlotte, NC. Email her at

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