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70-year-old Ken Wayne Broskey is a terminally ill Uber driver who took the job to pay off the house he shares with his daughter and grandchildren. Broskey has been battling oropharyngeal cancer with lung mestases and recently, he’s been bumped up to a terrifying stage 4. Doctors gave him two to 10 weeks to live and urged him to consider spending his final days in a hospice. But he’s determined to provide for his family.

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Then he met 22-year-old Ronald Gainer, one of Broskey’s riders who found out about his cancer through chatting with him. The Washtenaw Community College student felt compelled to help as Broskey’s story reminded him of his mother’s battle with cancer. Thankfully, Gainer’s mother beat cancer and even though Broskey may not have the same chance, Gainer wanted to do something more for him.

So he started a Go Fund Me account to raise the $90,000 Broskey needed to pay off his house for his family. Within seven days, $102,340 was raised by 3,700 people. This beautiful gift of love also caught Uber’s eye and the company sent emails to riders, urging them to donate $1 to the fund through the code UberPartnerKen.

“We were really struck by this unlikely friendship and this warrior of a man who was fighting for his family, serving his community, all the while battling stage 4 cancer. It was inspiring,” Uber spokeswoman Brooke Anderson told

Gainer’s words on the Go Fund Me page are so beautiful and it reminds us that we can always pay it forward:

“We will be able to save Ken’s house for his daughter and grandchildren,” Roland wrote on the Go Fund Me page. “Because we have achieved our goal, and there is such great need in all of our communities, we are declining further donations to allow other causes to be supported.”

We want to challenge you to do something today for someone who is less fortunate than you. You can buy them lunch, give them a dollar, listen to their story, whatever. Just do something for someone who needs it.


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