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Ashley Overbey shares the harrowing details of a violent encounter with Baltimore police where she was beaten, tasered, arrested, and swindled out of a settlement over the incident.

Overbey told Roland Martin during the NewsOne Now State of Emergency: Baltimore and Beyond Town Hall Meeting that her house was burglarized and the officers responding to the initial call were “completely rude” and showed no empathy.

According to Overbey, one of the officers told her: “You live in Baltimore City, so what do you expect?”

As a result of the unprofessional behavior of the initial set of responding officers, Overbey complained and another group of officers was sent to her residence. Overbey described the second set of officers as being excellent, but when the young lady showed up who Overbey believed set her up to be burglarized, things took a major turn for the worse.

Overbey told Martin the police lab tech called the police because words were being exchanged between Overbey and the lady who allegedly “set her up.”

By the time the third group of officers arrived, things had calmed down. This did not stop one officer from the third group of responding law enforcement officials from barging into her house.

“He does not identify himself, he walks straight through. He does not acknowledge me or my family. We are women and children only. No men in the house. After I required him to identify himself to me — basically he tells me he was called, I didn’t have to be one to call him — he does not have to respect me.”

“I tell him that his gun and his badge does not give him the right to disrespect myself, my mother or my home because he had brushed past her so abruptly.”

Overby then explains the officer told her that she was under arrest.

The officer brutalized her, beating her as if she “were a man.” When the altercation spilled out into the hallway, another officer joined in. Overbey, who weighs just over 120 pounds, remembers a third officer yelling out “Taser,” firing the less lethal weapon, missing, and firing it a second time.

Overbey told Martin it was only by the “Grace of the Most High” that she survived. She goes on to detail the shocking encounter, saying that she saw one of the officers aim the Taser at her chest and all she remembers is “having the cords wrapped around my hand and crawling away on my hands and knees.”

“All I’m thinking is, they won’t kill me today.”

As a result of what seems to be an unprovoked violent incident, Overbey says, “The police, I fear more than any criminal or thug on the street.”

Watch the video above for Ashley Overbey’s full account of her encounter with Baltimore police and how she believes she was “bamboozled” out of her settlement.

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