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Between police brutality and the disparaging images of African-American men in the media, it is vitally important that our young Black men see examples of success.

Actor Dondre Whitfield considers the demonization of Black males one of the “biggest issues that we face in our community.”

Whitfield, Co-Founder Hasani Pettiford, and inspirational speaker Brian Heat have joined forces and are on a mission to show young African-American males positive role models, as well as how to achieve success through personal growth, development, and igniting their personal passion.

These distinguished gentlemen joined Roland Martin on the set of NewsOne Now to talk about the Student African-American Brotherhood’s Manhood Tour, coming to a city near you.


The Manhood Tour Is An Endeavor To Awaken The Consciousness Of Men Nationwide 

The Manhood Tour is an empowering presentation that focuses on the topics of personal growth and development, creating and maintaining healthy relationships, and igniting personal passion. Comprised of three masterfully skilled speakers who will share their past shortcomings and expertise with complete transparency; their intense specificity and attention to detail will not only give you the keys to manhood, but will teach you how to live it in the highest degree.

Brian Heat, who runs a program at Price Georges Community College called Diverse Student Initiative, said one of the biggest lessons individuals had to learn before they dealt with purpose and value is “to get the young men to eliminate the distractions they see in media.”

He added the value of the tour revolves around waking young African-American males up, igniting who they are, igniting their values, and igniting their purpose.

Heat explained before you even get to that point, all distractions have to be eliminated.

He continued, adding that if there are certain elements around them, the “guys can’t focus” on what is needed to change their lives.

Watch Roland Martin, Dondre Whitfield, Hassani Pettiford, and Brian Heat discuss the upcoming  Manhood Tour in the video clip above.

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