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Nine Dead After Church Shooting In Charleston

Source: Credit: Pool / Pool / Getty

According to FBI Director, James Comey, Dylann Roof, the man who allegedly shot dead nine people in Charleston, SC’s Emanuel AME Church, would have never been able to purchase the gun he used during the attack if the background check were conducted correctly.

In a shocking admission, Comey found that the FBI made a clerical error in Roof’s paperwork between the police department and the counties after reviewing facts on the case. Roof had confessed to having drugs in a previous arrest, so he should not have been allowed to purchase the weapon he used for the shooting.

But the National Instant Criminal Background Check System agent conducting the search could not find which county Roof had been arrested in or if Roof had a criminal history. Because the background check took more than three days, the store where Roof was purchasing the gun was allowed to sell it to him.

Roof used a .45 caliber handgun during the shooting and stopped numerous times to reload. Most were killed, except for a young girl who played dead to save herself and a woman left alive to relay what had happened after the shooting.

Comey is now leading a review of the FBI’s inspection unit that is supposed to be finished within the next 30 days. He will be convening with the families of the church shooting victims to explain the issue and inform them of what the future may hold for the FBI.



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