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The most important and critical resource any company or business has is its employees. Once a company has determined that you are an asset to their business, easy to work with and necessary for future growth, they will do just about anything to keep you on board.

There are numerous ways companies keep turnover low and continue to build their employees to be the best they can be on the job outside of offering promotions and raises. Some employers and business also offer to pay for their employees to continue their education, which will ultimately benefit the company as well.

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If you are entertaining the idea of returning to school for an advanced degree, or simply seeking to take continuing education courses to make you a more viable candidate for promotions, here are a few tips before asking your employer to pay for it:

1) Research and Understand Your Company’s Policy

Does your company have an existing education reimbursement program ? What are the opportunities currently available and are there any costs to you ? Which schools will they reimburse you for attending ? These are all questions to either look up or ask your company for the answers to.

2) Offer a Game Plan

If your company has a program that you qualify for, and you are interested in applying for, be certain to give your supervisors and human resources department a game plan of how you will attend classes and also keep up with your workload. Will this require you to stay late on certain days? Will you be required to come in on the weekends? Be reasonable with what you and your company may be flexible with and what can not be amended in terms of time at the job.

3) Highlight the Benefits

Explain to the company exactly why and how your pursuit of additional education will benefit them in the long run. Will you be taking additional courses in marketing, distribution, economics, etc. that will further their goals ? Are they seeking to add more positions in which this education will allow them to choose from the pool of employees already on staff at a lower cost ? Think of any and all benefits and present them!


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