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It makes good sense to give others  another chance, after all, someone to a chance(s) on us. I am so grateful to family, friends, educators and community who would NOT allow me to fail.

With that, please allow me to introduce you to Emanuel Von Johnson. I met “Von” while he was an inmate at the Richmond City Jail and under leadership of Sheriff C.T. Woody Jr. I visit inmates at city, county and the Virginia Department of Corrections and I have learned so much from them to assist others in maintaining their freedom in society.

Von wanted to get certified as a licensed barber but never had the opportunity to pursue that goal because of his life in the drug game. Watch the video from my visit with inmates at the city jail six years ago. And, I am proud today to say that Emanuel Von Johnson is the owner of ReDefine Barbershop and Hair School in the Brook Run Shopping Center in Richmond, Virginia.

You are invited to Von’s meet-in-greet today with comedian Micah Bam-Bam White, music by DJ Big City, vendors, a special presentation from the Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stoney. Hosted by Clovia Lawrence of Radio One Richmond and Rolling For Freedom-R4F.

ReDefine Barbershop and Hair School

5446 Brook Road (Brook Run Shopping Center)

Richmond, VA


Von’s interview starts at 3:39 in the video

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