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Tamir Rice’s hands never left his pockets when he was fatally shot at a playground by Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann last December, according to an expert hired by attorneys representing the child’s family in a civil lawsuit, reports

The expert also found that the 12-year-old’s toy gun was not visible to either Loehmann or his partner, Frank Garmback, the report notes. And contrary to findings by experts hired by lawyers for the police department, Loehmann shot Tamir less than a second after exiting the patrol car, not 1.7 seconds.


The expert, Jesse L. Wobrock, reached his conclusions after reviewing “enhanced video released last week by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty,” writes

Subodh Chandra, a Cleveland-attorney on the Rice’s legal team, released Wobrock’s report late Friday night along with updated reports by two other experts, who also studied the enhanced video and maintain their original positions that the shooting of Tamir was not justifiable.

Wobrock found that in the split second before the shooting, Tamir raised his right hand – while still in his jacket pocket –in a defensive posture. As confirmation, Wobrock noted that the bullet hole in Tamir’s jacket was well below the wound in his chest, because the jacket was hiked up as Tamir raised his hand in defense.

The conclusions contradict those offered by the prosecution when the enhanced video was released. The video was released as a series of individual frames, with notes on some of the frames. Those notes say Tamir’s hands were in front of his stomach as the police car approached. They say Tamir moved his right arm toward his waist, then lifted his right shoulder and arm before he was shot.

McGinty said he will present the findings to the grand jury.

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