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Geneva Reed-Veal spoke out to reporters today in Chicago expressing her disappointment with a grand jury’s indictment of State Trooper Brian Encinia. Encinia has been indicted for perjury, as he is accused of lying on Sandra Bland’s incident report that documented her arrest at a traffic stop in July 2015. Bland, Reed-Veal’s daughter, turned up dead in her cell at the Waller County Sheriff’s Office three days later.

“My initial reaction is: the indictment should be followed by a conviction,” Reed-Veal said. “But where is the true indictment? Where is the indictment for the assault, the battery, the false arrest?”

Last month, the grand jury decided not to indict any of the employees of the Waller County Sheriff’s Office for Bland’s death. A Waller County prosecutor ruled Bland’s death as a suicide, as they claimed that she had hung herself in her cell while she was alone with a plastic garbage bag.

Sharon Cooper, Bland’s sister has also spoken out about her disappointment with the events of the case. Although she is glad that Encinia has been arrested, she notes that he should have also been indicted for false arrest and assault charges. Cooper is calling for Waller County officials to release more information on Bland’s death.

Encinia is facing up to a year in prison and $4,000 in fines for not following protocol during Bland’s traffic stop.

[SOURCE: Reuters]


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