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Obama’s ‘Computer Science For All’ Asserts That Teaching Tech Is A Must For Today’s Children

US President Barack Obama, alongside Sec

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Also coming off of the president’s State of the Union speech, Obama is calling for a $4 billion initiative behind expanding computer science education in America’s schools.

Entitled, “Computer Science For All,” the initiative is being pushed after it was revealed that not one Black student took an AP exam in computer science last year, a divide that was drawn deeper when it was also found that girls took the exam in considerably smaller numbers.

Obama is projecting a $4 billion dollar budget to be spread out to schools over the next three years in states that outline proposals on their plans to better integrate computer science into educational programming. Another $100 million to be directly sent to districts as competitive grants that successfully pitch plans to spread computer science teaching for students that could be imitated across the country.

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The president insists that computer science education is just as important as learning to read, write, and do mathematics in today’s economy. By broadening access to this kind of education, his goal is to even the playing field for girls and racial minorities that have historically been underrepresented in the STEM fields.

John King, the Secretary of Education has voiced his support for “Computer Science For All,” saying:

“If all do our part we can create a movement that not only gets our students ready for the future, but gives them a voice in shaping that future.”

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