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Exclusive- TBR — During a powerful Periscope on Wednesday night, Grammy nominated and Gospel recording artist James Fortune openly talked about his past, his demons and his healing process.

In an earlier Periscope he shared that he was on his way to his class and that later that evening, even though he was told “not to talk about it”, that he would talk about his class concerning anger management.  Those who checked back in with him later are glad they did as he shared information from his class.

“My controlling behavior is what I have been dealing with,” says Fortune as he read the responses from those who joined him on his Periscope.

Speaking from the heart, Fortune said that for the past 18 months, he has been in therapy and has learned a lot.  He talked about Domestic Violence and said that he would also be sharing his thoughts about the different types of domestic violence in hope of helping someone else.  He was very candid about addressing his past mistakes and how he is learning how to deal with his issues, as he is hoping his conversation might help someone else.

“There are 18 forms of Domestic abuse and only one of them is Physical,” says Fortune.   He went on to talk about some of the different types of abuse, adding “some of you may have been dealing with this and may not even know it.”

Comments popping up on his Periscope page included “This is right on time,” and “You are helping a lot of people with this,” as Fortune talked to those who may have been abused and to those doing the abuse.

Depending on what side of the Domestic Conversation you may sit, as you listen to Fortune, you just might agree as well, that Fortune has definitely turned a corner as he speaks about his truth.

“I’m not ashamed but I’m just exposing the enemy.”   He said, “Domestic Violence is more about power and control, its not just about physical violence.  I struggle with control and that’s what I was dealing with. When you can’t control someone then you feel as though you are losing control.  Jesus said be angry but don’t sin. We don’t talk about this in the church.”

As he wrapped up his scope he said, “There are four things we need to initially look at to begin the healing process. You can’t change what you are not willing to confront.  So take responsibility for whatever your problem is.”

Here are the first four things Fortune said needs to be addressed when you are dealing with anger and domestic abuse.

1) Stop blaming other people.  You can’t say, someone did this to me, so I did this to them. You will never get free if you don’t.  You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions”

2) Stop denying the situation.  Denial always involves lying.  Admit you have a problem instead of saying you don’t have a problem.

3) Stop minimizing your issues and trying to make it less than what it really is

4) Stop trying to justify your actions when you know you are trying to control someone.

As he started to wrap up his conversation, he reminded everyone that Domestic Violence is not about Anger Management but so much more, as he has and is still learning from his classes, which are obviously having a positive impact on him.

Fortune says, “Talking about this is so much better than hiding it or justifying it. I’m FREE and God is giving me the strength to become a stronger and better person.”

He closed out his Scope with a powerful prayer with inclusion for those who are in abusive situations and prayed for their Freedom and Restoration as well.

From the looks of things, Fortune is truly on a new journey, and will probably have some new songs to write soon as well, as God transitions him into the man He created him to be.

May we keep our brother in prayer.  Follow him on Twitter or Periscope to catch his next scope on over coming domestic violence @MrJamesFortune.

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