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Jeremiah Wright

Source: Jeremiah Wright / The Belle Report

TBR — Richmond, VA – St. Paul’s Baptist Church, where Dr. Lance D. Watson is the senior pastor has always been known as the “Church for People on the Grow.”  On Father’s Day, that branding statement once again became true to its word as the guest speaker Dr. Jeremiah Wright and pastor to President Barack Obama for more than twenty years delivered an inspiring Word, sprinkled with much wisdom, along with strong reminders of our history and a reminder to the father’s to use their minds, like Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and Dr. Lance D. Watson.

Speaking directly to the men of St. Paul’s Baptist Church Dr. Wright said, “Men of St. Paul’s, God still wants you to get ready to fight. We got to step up beside our sisters, because some of our sisters have been fighting all by themselves.  Men we need to step up in front of our sisters and protect our sisters from an overwhelming enemy that seems unbeatable.  Men get ready to fight against drugs a seemingly unbeatable enemy. The government knows how the drugs come into our country and the government has helped and supplied the drugs coming into our community.”

He continued, “Men of St. Paul’s, God wants you to fight against the destroyers of our communities.  God wants you to fight against ignorance. God wants you to fight against attitudes that say we cannot achieve.  God wants you to fight against the dumbing down that pulls down our people.  You have to use your minds men, that God gave you.  We have to teach our children to follow in the foot steps of Martin Luther King, who was not a high school drop out, and speaking of drop outs, only 40% of Black boys finish high school in this nation.  That is a trick of the enemy. Martin Luther King, graduated from school when he was 15. King graduated from college when he was 19 and earned his PHD at the age of 26.  King used his mind, President Obama used his mind, Charles Drew used his mind, Paul Roberson used his mind, W.E.B Du Bois used his mind, Dr. Lance Watson used his mind and you have to use your mind.”

His words and passion was met with echoing applause throughout the congregation during the Sunday morning worship crowd.

He preached for approximately forty-five minutes, and left everyone standing in agreement with his message and applauding as he took his seat.

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