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Flashback: Miss Community Clovia and Radio One Richmond hosted a “12 Hours of Relief” radio-thon for families devastated by Hurricane Ernesto in 2006.. Tim Kaine, who was governor at the time, stop by the radio-thon and made a donation to the effort. Play audio here.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine accepted the democratic party’s nomination for vice president of the United States of America. Kaine knows what it is like serving others from Honduras to the inner-city of Richmond, VA as councilman, mayor, lieutenant governor, governor, and Virginia senator. He never lost a race but that has not stop his willingness to help all people.

While Tim Kaine was Governor of Virginia we met a lot of challenges including the devastation left by Hurricane Ernesto in 2006. More than 60 families were displaced from their homes in the historic Battery Park of Northside Richmond. High winds and water literally made homes inhabitable. Governor Kaine traveled around the state assessing the damages from Ernesto. He submitted a request for 90-million dollars for FEMA assistance, which included, 42-million for Battery Park.

The devastation of Battery Park happened in our backyard here in Richmond so I had to do something. I met with then mayor L. Douglas Wilder and the result was Miss Community Clovia and Radio One Richmond adopting 65 families of Battery Park. Miss Community organized the “12-Hours of Healing for BP and thanks to Radio One Richmond listeners we were able to raise $100,000 for families of Battery Park. Governor Kaine stopped by the studios for an interview and donated $500 from himself and Anne Holton.

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