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Calling him ‘bruh’ and ‘big man,’ Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police worked to save Keith Lamont Scott after Officer Brentley Vinson fatally shot Scott on Sept. 20 at his apartment complex in North Charlotte.

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On the 16-minute body camera, the opening scenes were previously released. In the remaining footage, officers work to cover bullet wounds on Scott’s shoulder and check his body for other wounds. The officers roll him over, cut off his shirt and try to keep him awake. Scott, who is handcuffed, can be heard moaning.They check for his pulse and signs of breathing.

“I’ve got movement in the stomach,” one officer says.

Officers can also be heard assigning someone to watch the gun.

By the time medics arrive, the Scott has stopped moaning. An officer removes the handcuffs and medics roll Scott onto his back after he had been lying face down on the asphalt. There was a pool of blood on the ground. Scott’s eyes are open, and he had been stripped down to his underwear. Medics begin pumping his chest and put an oxygen mask over his face. Someone else applies pressure to the bullet wound in the abdomen. The footage ends with the officer who is sent to be decontaminated from the blood.

The fatal shooting of Scott sparked two-days of riots in Charlotte and a continued protest that drew national attention. Police says Scott had a gun, but the footage does not show a gun. Initially, police released about two-minutes of footage last week after everyone from Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to local activists called for releasing the tape. CMPD Chief Kerr Putney eventually caved to pressure and released some footage.

IMYI: Keith Scott’s Family Says Footage Raises More Questions

But that wasn’t enough. Charlotte City Council meeting teetered out of control on Sept. 26 as activists called for Putney and Mayor Jennifer Roberts resignations as well as the release of the remaining footage. On Friday, the police department announced it would release the remaining footage after Scott’s family viewed it. The family watched it today, and the department released it this evening.

Dozens of protesters with drums and mock coffins marched uptown tonight without incident. The march started and ended at Marshall Park, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Scott will be buried in South Carolina on Thursday.

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