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onald Trump’s election victory made a divided America painfully clear.

There are apparently factions of the United States that now feel emboldened to openly express their hatred for people different from them. The day after Tuesday’s election, a seemingly increased number of racial incidents were captured by social media users. Twitter Moments gathered some of the most repugnant posts, detailing horrific actions taken against people of color.

In one tweet, a Muslim student screenshots a text message from her mother, who wanted her to refrain from wearing a hijab out in public. Another horrifying account includes a woman’s Facebook status, which says a man threatened her before throwing a cup of water in her face, calling her a “wetback.”

The Los Angeles Times reported an incident in which a Muslim student at San Diego State University was robbed by assailants who “made comments about President-elect Trump and the Muslim community,” according to university police. The victim was wearing a hijab at the time the suspects stole her keys and car, the outlet writes.

According to the Times, a student at Shasta High School in Redding, California, passed out “deportation letters” to students of color. A video documenting the incident was posted to social media, but has since been taken down. The student claimed he was “joking,” and has not yet faced disciplinary action, according to the report.

Trump asked for unity in his victory speech, but his campaign rhetoric continually begged otherwise. The seeds he sowed are coming to fruition on social media in the form of hate and bigotry.

SOURCE: Twitter Moments, Los Angeles Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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