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This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks back up at Kenya’s housewarming and in walks Phaedra with Porsha, who was not invited. But just when you thought things might go left, Kenya pulled Porsha aside and politely asked Porsha to leave. Porsha left gracefully. Raise your hand if you’re shocked that this went off without a hitch!


Phaedra made a shady comment about Kenya always kicking people out of her events, but like, Kenya purposely didn’t invite Porsha. How tacky is Phaedra (Miss All Southern Belle Everything) for bringing her along anyway, knowing they don’t get along? Also, why would you show up to someone’s house that you’re not cool with?


Matt came through to the party to chat with Kenya about their situation—because this is an appropriate place to try to cop pleas about your relationship, right? Anyway, they talked, and it seems like they’re back on good terms for now. This will probably be a huge chunk of Kenya’s storyline this season. You know how she likes to engineer drama with her love interests.


Next, we find Cynthia handling divorce business. This time, she’s explaining what’s happening to her daughter Noelle, who is very mature about the whole situation. Later on, Cynthia sits with Peter to harp on a conversation that they keep having about how Cynthia is getting the divorce because she’s not happy and Peter said he just wants her to be happy, yatta yatta. This was a short time coming. Cynthia probably doesn’t need to be married. Remember, before Peter, she was a notorious commitment-phobe anyway.


Moving on, Todd and Mama Joyce are finally getting along well. Mama Joyce’s new target seems to be Phaedra, because she was talking extra greasy about her, but we’ll have to watch and see how that unfolds. Anyway, Kandi and Todd are branching out to more business endeavors, the newest one is a baby clothing line, and they’re still working on the family restaurant that isn’t complete. Speaking of the restaurant, fast-forward to the scene where Kandi, Todd, Mama Joyce and the rest of the Old Lady Gang did a run through of their restaurant digs and although it’s still heavily under construction, things look promising because Old Lady Gang approves thus far.


Porsha had an event that brought the ladies together, and even Kenya came through. The event was some type of escape room, scavenger hunt thingie. They broke up into two teams and looked for the clues to help them complete their obstacle course. Porsha and Kenya stayed away from each other, but Kenya and Sheree got into it. It wasn’t the worst argument ever, but Kenya called Sheree out for being shady toward her, particularly about her home. Sheree wasn’t about to let Kenya play miss victim and basically didn’t allow Kenya to check her (couldn’t resist). Things escalated to the point where Sheree started getting froggy and was waving her hands too close for comfort in Kenya’s face. However, Kenya de-escalated the situation by walking away.

This probably means, it’s about to be the battle of Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor all season.


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