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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York has a whole lot of messiness going on, especially with regard to Drewski and Yandy’s respective storylines. Let’s start with Drewski’s situation.

We find out that Drewski and Sky are not only boyfriend and girlfriend, they’re also business partners so you know this situation is going to get extra ridiculous. Their current venture as a couple is a fitness based business called Strip ’n Fitness. They’re planning a launch event for said business, but in the midst of all the Drew gets a text from Bianca. Sky had him put the call on speaker and she was talking wild reckless about some song called “I Miss You.” The insinuation is that she misses him, obvi. Then Drew mentioned that he wanted her to be on a track inspired by his girlfriend get it? That was a sneaky way for him to not look like a dirty dog. Bianca wasn’t having it, though. She threw some grease on the conversation by calling Sky his assistant. Sky questioned him about that once he hung up, and Drew did the typical creep move—deny, deny, deny! Play as dumb as possible.


Later on, Sky got up with Mariahlynn to tell her about her issues with Drew and Bianca. Sky told Mariahlynn that she wanted her on the track instead of Bianca. Mariahlynn is down, but the gag is, Sky never mentioned Bianca’s name so Mariahlynn doesn’t know that the shady home wrecker in question is Bianca.


Yandy met with Mendeecees mom, Judy, to lament the drama with Samantha. Judy shares some gossip she heard, which is that Samantha has been allegedly leaving Little Mendeecees with his grandmother, Kim. Yandy isn’t happy about that because she’d rather have Little Mendeecees in what she feels is a more stable home (aka her place) with his siblings, so she plans to discuss this with Kim.

Fast forward to Yandy’s meet up with Kim. It’s the same song, Kim feels like Yandy keeps disrespecting her daughter. Yandy keeps pleading her case, which is, she’s not competing with Samantha and that she really just wants the best for Little Mendeecees. She then dropped the tea that Judy gave her. Kim said it was a lie, got big mad, and you could see the steam coming out of her ears as she flipped the table.


So unnecessary.

Kim later on called a meeting with Samantha and Erika, Mendeecees’ other babymother, to lament her issues with Yandy. Erika seems to feel the same way about Yandy being a fraud as Samantha and Kim do. They claim they’re going to expose Yandy. Apparently, Mendeecees was still in a relationship with Erika when Yandy started coming around. Oop.

Back to Drewski and Bianca.

They meet up to discuss the track that Drewski wants her on, which also features Maino. He doesn’t care that Sky isn’t too keen on Bianca being around him, and Bianca doesn’t care that Drewski has a girl. Bianca wants on the song, but she wants Drew too. She’s flirting with him hard-body, and Drew flirts back with her, even though he claims that he’s just flirting for fun and that he’s not really trying to be with Bianca like that.


Let’s cut to his launch party for the Strip ’n Fitness situation. By now, Mariahlynn knows that Bianca is the woman in question that Sky mentioned so, Bianca, Mariahlynn and Cardi showed up to the event with the intentions of being messy and putting Sky on blast (mind you, Bianca wasn’t even invited). Sky, not happy about Bianca being present, decided to introduce her self to Bianca and of course, she and Bianca started throwing shots at each other. Then, Cardi jumped in the mix—instigating af—and asked Sky why she’s acting so sure that Drewski wasn’t hitting Bianca up and playing games. Drewski came over to try to tone the drama down, and that’s when he found out about Sky trying to get Mariahlynn on the song instead It looks like he still wants Bianca on the song, Mariahlynn isn’t feeling that at all and feels like Sky was being messy by asking her to be on the song in the first place—yet somehow she thinks she can still be neutral in this situation. But like, it was obvious she had Bianca’s back the whole time.


Anyway, the takeaway from this whole situation is Cardi B’s immaculate wisdom:


The episode concludes with a major showdown between Kim, Judy, Samantha, and Erika. Yandy isn’t present for that conversation because Kim, plus the babymamas, felt it was best to get Judy by herself. They felt that this was the best way to get past Yandy’s alleged lies. Once again, they all go back and forth about who is disrespecting who and Erika believes that Yandy is the one who stirred the pot and caused all of this friction from jump. It got so intense that Kim started having chest pains. The episode ends with Kim being taken out on a stretcher.

She’ll be alright, but they have to drag this out until next week for dramatic effect.


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