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  • Faith and obedience. If we obey God only when his command 1) makes sense to us and 2) we agree that it is good, then we are not really obeying God’s commands as an expression of trust in his wisdom and his character. Instead, we are merely complying with God’s requests only after he has justified himself at the bar of our own moral or intellectual understanding. Will we obey, or merely comply? Will he be the authority, or will we?
  • Faith and anguish. The life of radical faith and obedience will inevitably involve deep and real anguish. The life God calls us to is one that our flesh fundamentally opposes. Does your faith in God lead you to just a more comfortable life, free of the anguish of following him in a broken world? Or does it lead you to constantly wrestle with the values and assumptions of this world? Is there the struggle of anguish in your life of faith?
  • Faith and resurrection. The clip powerfully captures the fact that Abraham essentially receives Isaac back from the dead. The author of Hebrews (Hebrews 11:17-19) sees Abraham’s faith here as an outworking of his belief in resurrection: that God would even raise the dead to keep his promises.

The History Channel The Bible- WEEK 1: In The Beginning/ Exodus [Viewers Guide]  was originally published on

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