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India.Arie is standing up for her friend Chrisette Michele following her performance at Donald Trump’s inaugural ball.

The I am Not My Hair singer penned an open letter to Chrisette, who’s faced non-stop backlash since the performance, demanding we stop the “petty talk.”

I LOVE Chrisette I’ve known her since she was singing at open mic’s at village underground, I’ve watched her journey and I haven’t agreed with it all, and still I love her, but that’s not why I write this open letter. 

I write this because, I LOVE HUMANITY and I KNOW WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS. Social media is a powerful tool,  that becomes a weapon, when people start treating each other as little more,  than the little blue screen in front of them. 

Basic  truth:  When we see people as less than human, it gives us permission to treat each other as less than human. THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE FACING AMERICA AT THIS TIME. 

SO, why do it to each other on an interpersonal level?   

The culture  is talking about being “WOKE” …. Woke from what? 

To ME, Woke, means conscious – making conscious decisions about how you navigate life. 

A basic spiritual philosophy is that, The highest consciousness understanding is that we are one interconnected humanity. 

So WAKE UP THEN! Agree or disagree with Chrisette , she is A  HUMAN BEING – nuanced and multi dimensional. Give her a chance to be everything that she is, and YOU take a chance to remember – you’ve made missteps too.

Chrisette thanked India on Twitter, also noting she didn’t vote for Trump. (In case there was any confusion).

Read the full letter, here.


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